Enhancing Your Summer on Nantucket


Summer is here, and we’ve made it! After almost four years of research, hard work and perseverance, the dispensary is open for business. Some of you might know immediately what this means for you and your Nantucket getaway, but others might be wondering- how exactly does this all work?

The short answer is drop by the dispensary, and leave with premium, all organic cannabis.  The long answer is a bit more detail-ladened, but just as easy. Let’s start with some of the legalities. I know it might be tempting to scroll past, but bear with me, I’ll be tossing in a great pro-tip!

The legal purchase of marijuana can be broken down into two categories: adult use and medical use. There are many laws that we have to follow as a cannabis dispensary, but right now I’ll be just highlighting a few that will get us started. Adult users must be 21+ and have a state issued ID. Also, adult users are limited to a 1 ounce maximum purchase every 60 days. As a medical user, many of the same laws apply, but with some ‘leniencies’.  Medical use extends to 18+ or even younger with a certified doctor’s approval and documentation. Also, the maximum purchase goes up to 10 ounces every 60 days. Now here’s the pro-tip: Medical users are not subjected to tax on cannabis which is a whopping 20% in Massachusetts. We are also legally able to offer medical users special discounts on THC products, unlike adult users.

So perhaps this sounds good to you, and you are now asking yourself- how do I obtain this golden egg aka a medical license? Just click on this link, and we’ll see you soon!